Services & Industries

AvaLantic focuses on providing Project Management expertise. Given our long term presence in our region's E&C industry, we can also introduce our clients to top quality Engineering Service Providers with permits in place to serve their Engineering requirements.


See the below sample listings of the services that we can provide, and of the industries in which we have significant professional experience.

Newfoundland Transshipment, Oil Tank Farm, Gary Kennedy, P. Eng., PMP, Newfoundland Labrador, Cost Control, Construction, Engineer, Bridge, Ringwall Foundations, Concrete, Cement, Soils Compaction
Service: Front End Planning

Critical to Project Success is Front End Planning. Statistics have shown the value of a disciplined Front End approach. Our consultants' experience include, but not limited to:

  • Initiation with Owner's Teams;

  • Concept Selection;

  • Scoping Preliminary Design;

  • Definition;

  • Sponsor's Project Requirements, Project Execution Plan

Service: Project Controls

Once you have the evergreen project plan in place, the baselines get continually compared against the actual performance of cost, scope, schedule, risk, and other elements. Activities include:

  • Cost Budgeting, Cashflow Distribution;

  • Scheduling, Tracking, Updating;

  • Earned Value Methodology;

  • Progress Reviews, Payment Certs;

Industry Experience: Oil & Gas

This is a hugely significant area in Newfoundland and Labrador. Our membership has project experience that includes:

  • Upstream: Hibernia, Terra-Nova, White Rose, Hebron, North Amethyst Subsea Tieback;

  • Midstream: Pipelines, Marine CNG Studies; Newfoundland Transshipment; 

  • Downstream: NARL Refinery;

  • Turnarounds, Shutdowns;

  • ​Feasibility, Planning, Scheduling, Design, Procurement, Contract Admin, Construction, Commissioning & Testing, Close-Out;

  • Industrial Benefits Plans;

  • Management of R&D expenditure requirements;

  • Diversity and Gender equity plans;

  • Atlantic Accord legislation;

  • Supplier Development;


Industry Experience: Infrastructure
Service: Contract Management

Negotiate, facilitate and manage effective contracts. Minimize risk while maximizing production and financial performance. Includes:

  • Commercial and Technical Terms Administration;

  • Owner's Rep for Design Teams;

  • Project Oversight - Audit/Forensic 

  • Monitoring of Construction Contractors;

Large scale project management with a Civil Engineering base, often interfacing with communities or travelling public, including:

  • Highways (Bridges, Roads);

  • Water and Sewer;

  • Harbours and Ports;

  • Schools;

  • Government Buildings;

  • Airports;

  • Hydro Dams, Transmission LInes;

Service: Risk Management

Ensure that you identify, assess, plan, and respond to uncertain events that can have varying effects on a project. Includes:

  • Planning;

  • Identification;

  • Quantification;

  • Analysis;

  • Management;

  • Monitoring;

Industry Experience: Marine Services

Marine Vessels and Harbour & Port Facilities, including:

  • DTW Ferries;

  • Hebron Tension Barges;

  • Ship Refits and Repairs;

  • Transport Canada Harbours & Ports Directorate;

  • Oil Tanker Jetties;

Service: Training

Training within your organization not only enhances team development and pride, it helps the team complete projects more successfully and allows the team to handle more complex projects in the future:

  • Project Management;

  • Project Scheduling and Controls;

  • Project Safety and Field Supervision;

Industry Experience: Mining

Approximately 7000 workers are employed in the NL mining industry. It is one of NL's largest and oldest industries. Our Alliance members have participated in work for:

  • IOC;

  • VBNC, Vale;

  • Mining Industrial Benefits Planning Processes;

Service: Project Management Systems Development

This is a disciplined, sequential, and continually improving approach for Project and Portfolio Management. This includes:

  • Project Management Office (PMO) Installation:

    • Development, Implementation, and Operation;

  • TTGFG's (Templates, Tools, Guidelines, Forms, and Go-Bys), Metrics, Reporting;

  • Portfolio Balancing, Ranking;

  • Petroleum;

  • Shipbuilding and Refit/Repairs;

Industry Experience: Hydro

Hydro power is essential to economic development and has been crucial to the development of secondary manufacturing in Newfoundland and Labrador. We have Alliance members with experience in:

  • Owner's Rep for Monitoring Contractor Work;

  • Site Inspections with Owner and Safety Personnel;

  • Installation of High Voltage Equipment OF U/G Power Lines;

  • Safety Supervision in High Voltage Substation Yards during Expansions and Upgrades;

  • Remote Commutation Sites in Labrador for Nalcor;

  • Installation of Safety Equipment on 735KV  Tower Lines for Churchill Falls.