Responding to Covid-19 Business Interruptions to Capital Projects (2020-06-27) 

During these challenging times dealing with a variety of business interruptions, organizations may need extra help with their projects to succeed in their tight deadlines with issuing: 

  • schedules;

  • plans (e.g. communications plans, project execution plans (PEP));

  • requests for proposals (RFP); 

  • expressions of interest (EOI); 

  • tenders; and,

  • other project management deliverables. 

The independent members of AvaLantic Alliance may be able to help those organizations on very short notice for very brief time periods. We do have experienced consultants available at this time and they are enabled with Zoom and Skype. Thank you.

Contact: Gary Kennedy, P. Eng., PMP 1 (NL Area Code) 685-1900 

Please view our full team listing at the following link: