Project Management Training Webinar for OceansAdvance: Recorded Video (20202-11-20)

WEBINAR PRESENTATION Video and Slides are now AVAILABLE for the OceansAdvance Project Management Training session conducted on 19Nov2020 by Gary Kennedy, P. Eng., PMP, of Linear Project Services Inc.

Outline of Recorded Webinar (available as a Video):

Team Success & Failure Indicators

  • Project Organizational Structures;

  • Client Requirements and Channels;

  • Project Kick-Off & Alignment Sessions;

  • Aligning Configurations, With or Without Contractual Parameters;

  • Demonstrating Project or Product Requirements Perceptions;

  • Decision Gate Systems;

  • Sample Decision Gate Project Configurations;

  • Project Management System (PMS) Concept;

  • Decision Support Packages (DSPs) & Gatekeepers;

  • Scope & Change Management;

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Introduction;

  • Division of Responsibilities Matrix (DRM) & Responsibilities Assignment Matrix (RAM’s/RACI’s);

  • Progress Reporting: Intro to Earned Value Measurement Considerations;

For those that missed it, please find a copy of: