Project Management Training Webinar for OceansAdvance: Recorded Video (2020-11-20)

WEBINAR PRESENTATION Video & Slides are AVAILABLE for: OceansAdvance - Project Management Training session, conducted on 19Nov2020

By: Gary Kennedy, P. Eng., PMP, of Linear Project Services Inc.

Outline of Recorded Webinar (available in Slides and Video):

  • Team Success & Failure Indicators;

  • Project Organizational Structures;

  • Client Requirements and Channels;

  • Project Kick-Off & Alignment Sessions;

  • Aligning Configurations, With or Without Contractual Parameters;

  • Demonstrating Project or Product Requirements Perceptions;

  • Decision Gate Systems;

  • Sample Decision Gate Project Configurations;

  • Project Management System (PMS) Concept;

  • Decision Support Packages (DSPs) & Gatekeepers;

  • Scope & Change Management;

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Introduction;

  • Division of Responsibilities Matrix (DRM) & Responsibilities Assignment Matrix (RAM’s/RACI’s);

  • Progress Reporting: Intro to Earned Value Measurement Considerations;

For those that missed it, please find a copy of: