AvaLantic is a Team of Project Management Consultants Based in Atlantic Canada

AvaLantic Alliance is a fairly unique organization because it's a group of very experienced Project Personnel who are independent consultants - but as trusted friends and former coworkers we also look forward to jointly teaming up for group initiatives as opportunities arise.


Our individuals are pleased to consider various types of Project Services arrangements with client organizations or with recruiters. Members of AvaLantic are currently seeking new Project Team Roles to be personally assigned as:

  • Internal Staff (permanent or temporary);

  • Freelance Personnel; or,

  • Contracted Consulting Resources.

Senior Professionals in Multiple Industries:

We share our team experiences, synergies, and complementary expertise to bring our clients:

  • Optimum products;

  • Flexible service;

  • Competitive rates;

  • High-quality services developed during many years in industry.

All of us at AvaLantic are senior professionals. We all have multiple decades of industry experience. As a team we  provide  a solid base of integrity and reliability.

Our advantages also include:

  • Availability of all or portions of the AvaLantic group to form pre-aligned teams of seasoned professionals to meet Client requirements;

  • Flexibility as a group to offer negotiable pricing for project assignments;

  • Our team members are well-acquainted with each other and many of us have worked together on previous projects. We are thus efficient and easily aligned on new projects;

  • Option of sharing project assignments so that we can each contribute our complementary expertise while keeping budgets to a minimum of FTE's;

  • Locally headquartered in Newfoundland & Labrador.

AvaLantic Alliance -  Project Management Consultants - Email: gkennedy(at)LPSglobal.ca  -  Tel: 1-709-685-Nineteen Hundred
44 Duffy Place, St. John's, NL, Newfoundland & Labrador,  Canada

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